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Company Profile

Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was formerly a small sheet metal and stamping factory established in Dongshan Town of Suzhou in the 80's. In April 2010, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002384), with more than 60 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding enterprises.

With the mission of “building a better connected world for tomorrow”, and the vision of “building a 100-billion advanced and intelligent manufacturing platform”, adhering to the core values of “breakthrough, diversity, simplicity and journey”, the company, in the past decades, has established deep and extensive cooperation with a large number of top customers at home and abroad, with its continuous technological innovation and dedicated services.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously standardized and improved its corporate governance structure, and has gradually formed three major segments, namely, electronic circuit, photoelectric display and precision manufacturing, by expanding and optimizing its main businesses through internal development and external acquisition.

In the field of electronic circuits, the company is currently the second largest flexible circuit board manufacturer and the third largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the world. Relying on the technical advantages accumulated in the consumer electronics and communication equipment industries, the company in recent years, has actively explored a new track in the new energy vehicle industry and built up its development pattern with consumer electronics and new energy vehicles as the core. Its main products include printed circuit boards, metal structure parts for new energy vehicles, LED backlights, LCM modules, touch products, etc.

In 2021, the company was ranked 369th among the top 500 private enterprises in China and 58th among the top 200 private enterprises in Jiangsu province.

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DSBJ Singapore (DSG)

DSBJ Singapore (DSG) is the overseas headquarters of DSBJ that is set up in 2019, to support the group’s internationalization strategy beyond the China Region. Over the years, DSG has incorporated various functions to improve the effectiveness of DSBJ global management as below.      

• IT Center of Excellence (COE) – Comprises of a Data Analytics Development Center to boost the adoption of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accelerating DSBJ’s Smart Factory strategy, and a Cybersecurity Research Centre to oversee, assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Using latest IT automation and AI technologies to empower business users in making important data-driven decisions to drive growth, cost reduction and profitability, while optimizing resources and processes. Accelerates the deployment of commercially available secure technologies to improve the Group’s defense against cyberattacks and enhance our data security and integrity.      

• Research & Development (R&D) – Drives innovations that are aligned to Group’s key focus in consumer electronics and electric vehicles development. Strengthens in-house R&D capabilities and collaborates with local research agencies and institutes to advance new technologies/processes that would extend and improve existing product portfolios.      

• Customer Service & Logistics – Demonstrates customer service excellence through delivering high quality and responsive service to customers beyond China, overseeing the smooth flow and timely processing of orders, transactions, and deliveries.      

• Human Resource (HR) – Leads HR excellence and fosters a high-performing workforce, with a focus on talent recruitment, development and retention, while providing human resource support to DSG and payroll services to its overseas subsidiaries.      

• Finance – Provides financial and performance management, financial accounting, budgeting and corporate reporting to DSG and its overseas subsidiaries.      

• Marketing – Facilitates DSBJ group’s business decisions through market intelligence collection, industry trend analysis and market strategic planning, while managing and upholding the Group’s global brand image and brand equity.

• Legal – Facilitates DSBJ legal initiatives, providing guidance on significant corporate transactions, drives legal risk mitigation and management and ensuring regulatory compliance and legal governance.      

• Business Development – Drives revenue growth and enhances DSBJ competitive position through identifying and developing new business opportunities in the Asia region. Engage clients actively and foster strategic collaborations.   

DSG continues to grow and lay the foundation for DSBJ group to establish itself as a reputable leader globally, and to achieve its vision of building a better-connected world for tomorrow.



CSR Report

2021 Gold Round Table Award of the 16th Board of Directors of Listed Companies

387th of China's top 500 private enterprises in 2021

216th of China's top 500 private manufacturing enterprises in 2021

58th in Jiangsu Private Enterprises Top 200

38th in the top 100 manufacturing enterprises of Jiangsu Province

2021 China Enterprise ESG Financial Responsibility Award

Jiangsu Industrial Internet Development Demonstration Enterprise

Jiangsu Industrial Internet Demonstration Project

Suzhou Quality Award

Small giant enterprises in Jiangsu Province (manufacturing)

68th of the top 100 private enterprises in Suzhou in 2021

Zhuhai environmental credit rating green card

Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Doumen District

Jiangsu Province "Dream Transformation+" Care Plan Love Contribution Award

Outstanding Contribution Award of Jiangsu Province "Dream Transformation+" Care Plan

Jiangsu Provincial Private Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit

Jiangsu Province "Dream Transformation+" Care Plan Love Contribution Award

LED smart packaging demonstration factory

"Intelligent data acquisition system construction based on production equipment ", Yancheng digital application scene construction project

Yancheng Youth Civilization No. 2020-2021

Five-star enterprises in Yancheng in 2021

Yancheng High-tech Zone High-growth Enterprise Award

Digital Management (Digital Twin) 2021 Provincial Industrial Internet Development Demonstration Enterprise

Yancheng Mflex Technology Center, Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center to be identified in 2021

Jiangsu Superfine Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center

Provincial specialized new technology giant

Jiangsu four-star cloud enterprise

Identification of Yancheng Enterprise Technology Center

Five-star enterprises in Yancheng in 2021

Yandu District Chief Quality Award (2020-2022)

Yancheng High-tech Zone High-growth Enterprise Award

Yancheng (Dongshan Communication) Communication Filter Engineering Technology Research Center

High-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Yancheng High-tech Zone High-growth Enterprise Award

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