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Flexible Circuits


Single Layer to Multi-Layer

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) fabricated on Polyimide dielectrics with copper conductors

• Adhesive and adhesive-less materials

• Thin dielectric materials

• Thin copper (5μm, 9μm, 12μm and up)

• Static and dynamic bending

• Signal integrity and high frequency

• Via interconnects (micro/blind/buried)

• HDI features

• Single Sided FPC to Multilayer FPC

Flexible Circuit Assembly

Single Sided and Double Sided Assembly

• FPC High Density Component Assembly

• Solder attached chips (01005 and above)

• TSOP, QFP, QFN, LCC, LGA, FBGA etc, solder attached

• Fine pitch IC chip bonding with ACF

• Bare die on flex attachment (gold ball bonding)

• Unique component package attachment

Flexible Circuit Module Assembly

Module Level Assembly

• Flex circuit assembly to plastic or metal frames & housings

• Custom bending & forming

• Specialized components

• In-circuit and functional testing

• LCD Modules, Camera Modules, Touch Modules and more

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