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From specialized production to outstanding accomplishments, we are always advancing forwards. From a small factory to an international enterprise, our roots spread wider with each passing day. From insightful vision to leading the future, we continue to build on our legacy.

DSBJ is a leading worldwide technology partner providing critical components for IoT intelligence, with a special focus on Telecommunication Equipment and Metal Precision, LED technologies and Interconnect solutions. With a vision focused on technological breakthroughs, we constantly bring new innovative solutions, high-tech products and high-quality services that propel our customers to success.

DSBJ takes surefooted steps forward and takes them quickly. In April 2010, 30 years after our inception, we were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We’ve continually evolved over three decades, perpetually innovating and strategically transforming ourselves time and time again. From a small manufacturing company to a prestigious global player, our successful journey is testament to our vision, innovative spirit and determined belief in technology. As we embrace future challenges, we will remain steadfast in our pursuit to benefit both stakeholders and the wider society.

Technological innovation is in our DNA and is the cornerstone of DSBJ. With cutting-edge production facilities and advanced technology, we constantly deliver state-of-the-art products and quality services. Our global network of research bases and offices keeps us abreast of the latest tech breakthroughs, so we can effectively allocate resources wherever they're needed. With an established presence in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Finland, India, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Estonia, the US and Mexico, we meet customer needs quickly and competently, providing sales locally in addition to customer service and warehousing capabilities.

While deeply proud of our past, we never lose focus of the future. We believe that each and every step is a starting point. Through investments, acquisitions and new facilities, we’ve streamlined our business and expanded frontiers. In 2016 we boosted our revenue by acquiring NASDAQ-listed MFLEX, a top 5 player globally in the FPC industry, operating from the US. In July 2018 we acquired another world-renowned company from the US: PCB solution specialists Multek.

At DSBJ, we embrace every opportunity while keeping up to speed with the changing landscape. We consistently explore new avenues and seek next-generation breakthroughs. Looking forward, we have the unwavering determination to deliver critical components and innovative solutions that advance IoT development and build a smarter, more connected world. 

DSBJ, building a better-connected world for tomorrow.

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Social Responsibility

Philosophy: Always create value for our customers, employees and stakeholders by leading with cutting-edge technology.

Value: Breakthrough, diversity and simplicity.

Commitment: Spearhead leading-edge developments in technology.

Environmental Responsibility: Care for the planet by reducing energy consumption and waste.

Safety Responsibility: With a people-centric approach, create a healthy work environment that’s safe for all.

Academic Collaboration

Greater Bay Area Alumni Summit
DSBJ believes that integrating business with academic research can help create jobs, fuel business development and aid social advancement.

On 24th June 2018, together with Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), we held an alumni summit focused on promoting development in the PRD Greater Bay Area. The panel discussion was moderated by Zhang Lin (TBSI Dean), with Peter Yu - Sr. Director of Strategy, Marketing & Pricing at Multek and TBSI alumnus - as the keynote speaker. In his speech, Peter explored the possibilities for alumni from both universities to play to their advantages, and how the two Greater Bay Areas can consolidate their resources. The panel covered the latest business-academic topics and shared suggestions to aid interconnectivity in the Greater Bay Area. The summit also served as a valuable platform for the alumni from the PRD & US Silicon Valley Bay Areas to exchange ideas.

MFLEX-UCI Workshop - 5G Antenna Technology for Mobile Applications

On 10th September 2018, we held a workshop with the University of California at Irvine (UCI) to investigate 5G Antenna Technologies for Mobile Applications. We are currently supporting one Ph.D. student in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCI to help us with our cutting-edge research. Another Ph.D. student will soon join our group under supervision of Professor Franco De Flaviis. Together, they will investigate a range of solutions to create a compact and flexible antenna array design for next generation mobile devices, in addition to other groundbreaking mobile application solutions.

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