Die-casting & CNC & Thermal

Heat Sink Frame for Telecom (Indoor)

Heat sink frame for In-door systerm is used for cool down the indoor used 5G high frequency system and also provide shelter for them.

• Big casting tonnage for huge thermal capacity

• Localised high efficient thermal solution -- Embedded heatpipe

• Overall high efficient thermal solution -- Fin-bonding process

Smart Combiner Chamber

Smart combiner is one kind of filter that merges mutiple channels into a single one that can be used for an Access Point (AP), a WLAN, or for other signals.

• Tiny size

• Band eliminate filter, smartly switch frequency bend

• Hole diameter accuracy ±0.02mm, when hole depth is 200mm

• Good plating quality, stable filter function

• Operating Frequency: DC-690 ~ 862 MHZ / 880 ~ 960 MHZ

Heat Sink Frame for Telecom (Outdoor)

When high frequency signal and microwave feed into the circuit, it will inevitably generate heat, and with increased 5G equipment frequency, it will produce more heat. 5G filter Heatsink for Telecom is used for cooling the filter and to improve heat dissipation.

• High fin height (120mm) with big extrusion size

• Use FSW technology to combine four extrusion parts together to save cost

• 100% air-proof

Fin-bonding Heat Sink for Telecom

When high frequency signal and microwave feed into the circuit, will inevitably generate heat, Fin-bonding Filter Heat Sink and HTC Al application will improve the thermal performance significantly.

• Material: High thermal conductivity (HTC) aluminum (>170W/m.k)

• Fin-bonding process for high fin requirement which die-casting can not meet

• Pull force for fins can meet average 2KN

• Copper plate inside cavity to improve thermal performance on specific area

MCU for EV

MCU for EV is short for Motor control unit build for EV cars, with high accuracy & speed monitor V-I for energy, also with high efficient E-motor control.

• Tiny size, High power density

• High intergrated and cost efficient

• Development Platform for automotive grade products

VCU for EV

VCU for EV is short for Vehicle Control Unit built for EV cars. As the core control unit of the vehicle, it monitors and communicates the various modules of the vehicle.  

• Optimized size, three-in-one design

• IP67 protection

• High efficient thermal MGMT -- liquid cooling

• Stable running

Heat Sink for EPS control unit

The heat sink of ECU for EPS system.

• High strict cleanness requirement, no more than 0.01mg per area

• High accuracy hole position ±0.005mm

• No any deformation for the thread holes

• All diameters controlled by die-casting mold for cost efficiency

Automobile Pillar Loop

Automobile Pillar Loop  is a bracket for seat belt spindle, applied in BMW vehicle.

• High strict surface requirements, no grain afterplating

• High accuracy hole position ±0.005mm

• Gorque strength for thread hole greater than 55Nm, ppk > 1.0

• Pull strength for thread hole greater than 17kN, ppk > 1.0

eFUSE HS frame for EV

eFUSE HS frame provides assembly and shelter for EV car eFUSE chip/unit.

• Optimized size, low cost

• Thin/high/thick fins, good thermal efficiency

• IP67 protection

• Good insulation effect

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